Hotter In The Morning


Video Description:

Kristen Scott and Bambino are luving some coffee in the aftermath of last night's lovemaking, but Kristen lets Bambino know that she's definitely up for another plump of fun. Soon the lovers relocate to the sofa so that Bambino can wring Kristin's diminutive melons and stroke her landing undress vulva beneath her underpants to crush off a morning of indulgence. When they take things to the bedroom, Kristen strokes her own vulva to make sure Bambino knows she's prepared to go and much too impatient to wait.Bending forward, Bambino presses his mouth to Kristen's fuckbox so that he can replace her fingers. His soft lips and humid tongue create the perfect suction on Kristen's hungry puss, which is exactly the sheer pleasure that the American light-haired has been craving. Always vocal in her excitement, Kristen lets Bambino know exactly what she wants from him and enjoys the skill that her man won't stop until she is temporarily satisfied.Now that her whole vulva is dripping with her need, Kristen is prepared for something a lil' more hardcore. She rolls onto her side while Bambino curls up behind her. Slowly pressing into her, he offers long slow strokes as they spoon together. Although Kristen enjoys the soft beginnings, what truly makes her shriek are the swifter strokes as Bambino begins working overtime for her sheer pleasure while she strokes her own clit.When Bambino rolls onto his back, Kirsten is thrilled to straddle him so that she can rise like a goddess above him as she once again impales herself on his penetrate stick. Her stiffie ride is an absolute joy for both of them, with an angle of intrusion that is designed for the ultimate pleasure. Between her own pumping hips and her active thumbs working her clitoris, Kristen is shortly poised to jizz once again.Before she can do that, though, she gets down on her mitts and knees so that Bambino can take her from behind. This new pose is the perfect ending to an explosive fuck-fest session as Bambino's shaft beats all the right spots to bring Kristen off. While her body is still throbbing with pleasure, she turns around and latches her mouth on to Bambino's hardon so that she can suck him off for a happy ending of his own that leaves her adorned in the evidence of her boyfriend's love.

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