Down On You


Video Description:

Lusty Chick D. is always up for a good time, even when it's very first thing in the morning. When she wakes to find Jorge still asleep beside her, she knows just what to do. Moving slowly, she runs her tongue up his hardon to give Jorge the type of wakeup he loves. After accepting an actual kiss from him, Chick goes back to work wrapping her pointy lips around his man meat to blow him off.When Jorge interrupts Lady's fellatio to lay her down and lap away at the love jam between her thighs, Chick is happy to let it happen. The long jacks of Jorge's tongue up and down her bare vag juxtaposed with the rougher fondle of his lips as he fellates her folds in create an exquisite friction. Soon, Chick is whining her arousal and her need for something a lil' more hardcore.When Jorge kisses his way back up Lady's body, she is happy to roll onto her arms and knees and raise her bottom into the air. That position exposes her purrfectly to Jorge's fondle and opens her so that he can easily slide into her from behind. Those long languid jacks gradually speed up, especially as Chick works her way onto her knees so that Jorge is screwing her while pushing up on every thrust.That position strikes many of the right spots, but flipping onto her back leaves Chick choky with sheer joy. Jorge knows just how to thrust all of Lady's buttons until she is quivering and yelling from sheer joy as she captures the couch stand to linger grounded. It's not long before Jorge joins his lover in ecstasy, releasing with just a heartbeat to spare before he spews his fervor all over Lady's mound.

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